A sunken trembling recalled dimly. Enduring the indicision which makes any limit tremble.

Consolation is a trembling that takes into account.

What a simple trick. Girl in the livingroom saying 'Look' shining flashlight onto ceiling - this is something we should photograph. Or a trick just done to be seen.

"Does to console mean to affirm the presence of what seems lost and to negate its loss? No. For such an affirmation is nothing but denial, a vain attempt to reassure what is unconsoled. The consolatory gesture - the gesture of the poem itself, not a gesture represented by the poet - consist rather in enduring th indecision which makes any limit tremble; in order to console, it is necessary to know how to render uncertain the limit that separates absence from presence, it is necessary to know how to locate the uncertainty that traverses this limit like a trembling that cannot be sounded out. And what if the hesitation, (...)denotes in fact a kind of integral actuality? Is to aim at the integral actuality, instead of restoring a particular presence, the true determination of the consolatory gesture? The hesitation that results from a fundamental indecision, from an experience of the undecidable that no longer belongs to the order of calculation - this hesitation does not let itself be reduced to possibility, to reality, to potentiality, or to actuality. Whenever one hesitated, whenever one lets oneself be carries by the vacillating movement that establishes itself between two or more possibilities, each possibility begins to oscillate, ceasing thus to remain itself.”

with a shoe on the ball of its foot, staying in position

How are things? Yes good, everything in position. Everything is as it should be, ready for take off, expecting to see it happen any moment now.

"In one sense, impatience is right: there is no reason to wait, and the conditions for a decent life can be demanded at any time. On the other hand, there are questions to which emphatic or “radical” answers, as we like to say, can be dangerous. Furthermore, the current complexity is the result of opposing “impatiences”: the one felt by those who are excluded and the impatience of those who fear exclusion (the middle class); the impatience of people seeking refuge and the impatience of those who fear being overrun by refugees; and the impatience of those who miss how things were in the past vis-à-vis those who want to accelerate the arrival of the future.

Jean luc nancy

Just as the ripest, sweetest fruit hangs by a mere thread,

so periods of prosperity can fall of their own weight.

But then, the law of the jungle, the law of the book, or the law of logic.

The lack of limbs does not impede the movement of snakes. They have developed several different modes of locomotion to deal with particular environments.

Unlike the gaits of limbed animals, which form a continuum, each mode of snake locomotion is discrete and distinct from the others; transitions between modes are abrupt.

The posteriorly moving waves push against contact points in the environment, resulting in a forward thrust while the lateral components cancel out. Only sea snakes move backwards.