A sunken trembling recalled dimly.

Enduring the indicision which makes any limit tremble.

Consolation is witnessing trembling that cannot be sounded out.

A simple trick in the livingroom saying 'Look'- shining flashlight onto ceiling. This is something we should photograph. Or for you "You, the most mystical of the pronouns".

With a shoe on the ball of its foot, staying.

How are things? Yes good, everything's in position. Everything as it should be, ready for take off, expecting any moment now.

Each possibility begins to oscillate and ceases to remain itself.

Just as the ripest, sweetest fruit hangs by a mere thread,

so periods of prosperity can fall of their own weight.

But then, the law of the jungle, the law of the book.

The lack of limbs does not impede the movement of snakes. They have developed several different modes of locomotion to particular environments.
Each mode of locomotion is discrete and transitions between modes are abrupt.