Prefixes 4 and 2: the way you customize your uniform. Lodos gallery, Mexico City 12-2017

Gatekeeper. Framed photo print. 240 cm x 28 cm
Spinalsands. Carving on plaster. 251 cm x 2 cm x 84 cm
Prefixes 4 & 2. Double sided triptych folder, screen print, embossing, inkjet print, insert cards, epoxy frame. 34 cm x 24 cm.
Recognizable image of resonating foot (tenor touched). Carving on plaster. 160 cm x 2 cm x 350 cm

Exaltation, shame [loop]. Video, audio. 16 min. loop

Thank you Studio TeYosh, Wanja Banovic, Mara Banovic, Bruno Dario, Rodrigo Navarro and Su Yin Wong. Photos by Ramiro Chaves